Content Management System

drahtwerk's handcrafted content management system built on the latest web technologies. 


Designed for both developers and users this content management system accelerates every aspect of the website authoring process.

Developers can easily extend the base functionality by developing modules and controls like blogs, dynamic widgets and more.

Content authors can create and update content in just a matter of seconds by using the what-you-see-is-what-you-get page designer that allows a drag and drop placement of content.


With security features and mechanisms like a role-based security model or the two-man-rule this CMS is the perfect fit for enterprise use. The built-in page versioning feature is the time machine for your content, you can always revert back to any earlier version of every page.



  • Built with modern web technologies like AJAX and XML.
  • Developed for developers: easily extend core functionality simply by inheriting our classes.
  • Drag and drop page designer.
  • Built-in modules like blog, commenting, form generator and more.
  • Built-in search engine.
  • High performance in-memory page cache.
  • Enterprise ready: multilingual, role-based security and more.
  • Page versioning.

You're already using it!

Yes, this website is actually powered by our very own content management system.

It features several non standard modules like a teaser and product management system.