The best solution for 3d games on mobile devices.

A game-engine developed for a new breed of devices.


Modern game development is vastly different from traditional game development. Many different operating systems, device hardware configurations and screen sizes make developing a game more challenging than it used to be if you want to maximize a game's potential.


drahtkern has been designed for this new generation of devices, enabling developers to build better games in less time with more features and more compatibility.

Cross-platform by design.


drahtkern is designed to run on all relevant platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8, WindowsRT and OSX . Games developed with drahtkern even run inside your browser without any plug-in, making use of modern web technologies like HTML5, WebGL and WebAudio. And we love porting our standards based engine to new platforms!


By abstracting high-level features like awards and achievements, In-App-Purchase and multi-touch input your code is truly write once run everywhere.



Code development: better, faster, stronger.


Writing fast code is simple and elegant and whether you use C++ or C# is up to you. Developing games with C# and drahtkern is awesome. We're not just using an embedded version of Mono to enable our engine to run C#. We've written our own C# compiler and virtual machine that is built right into the engine, and it's designed for game development. Our VM is incredibly fast, and if you need even more performance you can convert your game code written in C# into an actual C++ source file by just entering a single command in the engine console.


Our code centric approach enables you to write games much faster than if you'd be using an editor and constantly have to wire things up. But that does not mean we don't like editors. drahtkern features a built-in scene editor that you can use to build anything, ranging from game scenes to user interfaces.

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