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iScreen turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a wireless touchscreen for your Mac. 

Boost your productivity by increasing the size of your computer's desktop. iScreen does not only turn your device into a screen, it also comes with a virtual keyboard and mouse.


Check out this trailer to see what's possible.



  • Blazing fast network protocol.
  • Touch input and virtual keyboard.
  • Multiple resolutions (iPad and retina display devices).
  • Multiple compression levels.
  • Built-in manual.
  • 64bit compatible.
  • Works on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • Compatible with all Intel and PowerPC Macs.

Before you can get started with iScreen you need to install the drivers on your computer.


Mac Drivers

If you are upgrading from a previous version please uninstall iScreen first. The uninstaller is available through the iScreen preference pane or as a download.


Note: MacBook Pro laptops with dual graphics hardware need to disable automatic graphics switching before using iScreen.



iScreen requires an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with at least iOS 3.2 or later and a compatible computer connected to the same network.
iScreen for iOS devices is now available on the Apple App Store.
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